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The team at Equine Zeo are dedicated to bringing equine health products to market to help every horse deal with everyday life.

We source the highest in purity ingredients so your horse can have the best and our products will never have fillers that offer nothing to the horse.  Fillers are used by big supplement companies to bulk out products and increase the weight of the product.  This is because they want to charge you as much as they can and they believe all horse owners have bottomless pockets.  We don’t pay thousands for advertising and marketing, we simply let our product do the talking.  We charge the amount we need to in order to run a company and nothing more, this allows a product that is affordable to all budget.


With many years of experience in the equine world, our team know what the horse needs to cope with the tasks asked of them, be it racing, dressage, showjumping, eventing, Shetland pony racing or endurance.

First out of the Blocks

The first Equine Zeo product is made with one ingredient only, Clinoptilolite. This natural mineral is taken from volcanic material and is treated in factory before being backed and sealed.  Each scoop will contain one of the most purest minerals in the world and be assured, every grain will be working away to help your horse.

Health First

Increasing pH levels is the most proactive way to ward off ulcers and it will increase pH levels throughout the GI tract into the hind gut.  It will absorb mycotoxins and heavy metals which disturb the efficiency of the digestive system and internal organs. The natural silica within the mineral will assist bones and tendons which are damaged through exercise and ageing.

No Tricks

We are not reinventing the wheel, we are providing an extremely effective and natural equine health supplement that has neutral taste and odour which your horse will eat and will experience the benefits of.

Trust us and we can build something fantastic together .

What our clients say

  • "Thank you so much. We love this product and my boy looks fantastic."

    Horse owner

    Horse owner, Equine Zeo Customer

  • "Excellent Product – I’ve tried every gastric supplement on the market for my stressy mare and this one really works. It’s the best support for healthy digestion and a fraction of the price of other gastric aids. Finally my horse is calm, happy and healthy – before she was on equine zeo this horse was like sitting on a box of explosives. Now I’m hacking on the buckle and getting calm concentration in the school. Thank you equine zeo!"


    Tracey, Equine Zeo Customer

  • "My horse is much more comfortable in himself and happy to work again, I wouldn’t be without it."

    Mez Gale

    Mez Gale, Equine Zeo Customer

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Professional Endorsements

  • "Since starting on the product we see our horses improve in their condition and they are handling their racing better than ever. We weigh our horses before and after racing and have seen the benefits of Equine Zeo as our horses are returning to their racing weight quicker than before."

    Dr Jon Scargill

    Dr Jon Scargill, Racehorse trainer in Newmarket

  • "Extremely happy with this product as our horses look fantastic and we know that our horses are healthy on this product. It is great value and they put money back into racing via Racing welfare. A great company with extremely helpful staff."

    Roger Teal

    Roger Teal, Racehorse trainer - Lambourn

  • "Love this product! My mare is performing better than ever and is now competing at a higher level. She loves the product and looks amazing all year round. I recommend this product as it is natural and the staff are always there to support us."

    Mia Palles-Clark

    Mia Palles-Clark, Showjumping coach

  • "We put our horses on this product after hearing great things, especially with its gut health support. Our horses are performing better than ever and we know they are in great health and are loving their racing. Thanks Equine Zeo!"

    Inside track racing

    Inside track racing, Horse racing syndicate

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated Equine Zeo team

Craig Bikley

Craig Bikley

Karen Allott

Karen Allott

Yorkshire Sales Agent
Amanda Holmes

Amanda Holmes

South West Sales Agent

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