Equine Zeo

Is your horse performance ready?

Winter has nearly passed!! And now your attention turns to the upcoming events.

You have planned which events you will start with and your horse is starting to shed it’s wooly coat and the clip is merging!

But is your horse ready to get stressy?

We know housing, exercising, competing and travelling all induce stress on our beloved equids! But can we proactively help our beasts? And how can we improve our approach.

At Equine zeo, we offer a product that will proactively protect against ulcers by buffering pH levels, it will absorb and remove the array of toxins in feed, pasture, water and the environment. These toxins and heavy metals will inhibit the nutritional uptake and impair the immune system.

By improving nutritional uptake and assisting the immune system, your horse will be ready to take on the world!!

Equine zeo is natural and completely competition legal. It’s phenomenal value because we don’t intend to act like the other companies and overprice our equine health product just because they believe all horse owners have bottomless wallets/purses/pockets.

Help us become the most trusted equine supplement on the market by giving us a go!

We promise you won’t look back.

Visit www.equinezeolite.com

£15 For 26 days of product (based on 500kg horse)

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