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The science behind the product

There are many benefits to Equine Zeo as a nutrition supplement, here are a few of those in further detail, how and why this premium product works backed up with scientific research.


A proactive and natural approach

A main characteristic of Clinoptilolite is its high pH level. Its pH level ranges from 7.0-8.0 which makes it alkaline and similar to the healthy blood pH level of 7.4.2–7.45. Therefore it is suggested that Zeolite can assist a healthy acid-base homeostasis in the body. Due to the nature of feeding, such as a high in concentrate diet, the horses stomach is extremely acidic and may affect the welfare of the horse.


A research paper written by J. Reynolds discussed how a diet including Clinoptilolite showed  packed cell volume (PCV) and heart rate (HR) during prolonged exercise did not rise, against a diet containing no clinoptilolite.  With this in mind, maintaining HR as exercise intensifies will delay the onset of fatigue through a slower build up of lactate.  Link this with improved nutrient uptake and you can see how this product would benefit the performance horse.


Clinoptilolite is known as the molecular sieve as it traps and removes harmful everyday toxins. Daily detoxification is a great support to the horse.


Nutrient Uptake

All feed companies will tell consumers that their food contains no mycotoxins as it has been treated.They do their best to rid their feed of the toxin but as Griffiths et al (2017) discussed recently (
article/pii/B9780128118351000026), the chemical compounds are stable and will survive many treatments.  You will find them in hay, pasture and your feed as many storage facilities will facilitate the growth, this is why Equine zeo is fantastic for improved nutrient uptake as it will trap and hold the mycotoxins, allowing the necessary nutrients to be absorbed without obstacles.  Greater nutrient uptake will ultimately assist performance as the building blocks for competition, as found in many feeds, will be reached by the required storage units of energy such as the muscles and liver.



What our clients say

  • "Thank you so much. We love this product and my boy looks fantastic."

    Horse owner

    Horse owner, Equine Zeo Customer

  • "Excellent Product – I’ve tried every gastric supplement on the market for my stressy mare and this one really works. It’s the best support for healthy digestion and a fraction of the price of other gastric aids. Finally my horse is calm, happy and healthy – before she was on equine zeo this horse was like sitting on a box of explosives. Now I’m hacking on the buckle and getting calm concentration in the school. Thank you equine zeo!"


    Tracey, Equine Zeo Customer

  • "My horse is much more comfortable in himself and happy to work again, I wouldn’t be without it."

    Mez Gale

    Mez Gale, Equine Zeo Customer

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Professional Endorsements

  • "Since starting on the product we see our horses improve in their condition and they are handling their racing better than ever. We weigh our horses before and after racing and have seen the benefits of Equine Zeo as our horses are returning to their racing weight quicker than before."

    Dr Jon Scargill

    Dr Jon Scargill, Racehorse trainer in Newmarket

  • "Extremely happy with this product as our horses look fantastic and we know that our horses are healthy on this product. It is great value and they put money back into racing via Racing welfare. A great company with extremely helpful staff."

    Roger Teal

    Roger Teal, Racehorse trainer - Lambourn

  • "Love this product! My mare is performing better than ever and is now competing at a higher level. She loves the product and looks amazing all year round. I recommend this product as it is natural and the staff are always there to support us."

    Mia Palles-Clark

    Mia Palles-Clark, Showjumping coach

  • "We put our horses on this product after hearing great things, especially with its gut health support. Our horses are performing better than ever and we know they are in great health and are loving their racing. Thanks Equine Zeo!"

    Inside track racing

    Inside track racing, Horse racing syndicate

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